Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama Showed An Alarming Ignorance on Education Reform

I'm actually pretty freaked out by what Obama was saying on his interview regarding "Education Reform". Obama showed a striking ignorance to the needs of children, instead focusing on score and statistics. One third of kids do not graduate: one third of kids are not college ready by the end of the year: one third of kids actually drop out; 35% of 12th graders are not proficient in reading. Obama says that there is nothing more important than the issue of education, but his approach to how to make education effective is completely out dated.

Of course, child-centered learning, such as unschooling are the real answers. Not to mention, who gives a crap what our test scores are! Are our children happy? In regards to what Obama thinks the should do about "eduction", he said, "Your job right now, kid, is to learn; and I'm gonna to check with your teachers and I'm gonna make sure your doing your homework and you're not doing anything else until you've done your homework." Is that creepy, or what???! Notice that there is nothing in his sentence that actually shows any caring to the needs of children. Obama also said, "I think we should have longer school years" and "I think that would be money well spent." To the contrary, I believe that forced schooling needs to be abolished!

Obama repeatedly stated that we needed higher standards and kept saying things that implied that teachers were the main issue.

He said that when we put more money into schooling, performance went down- obviously, standardized tests are not the answer! Obama said radical change was needed- I agree... If he means making the system child-centered, or better yet, take the system out out and have parents be responsible for their own children's parenting and educating- like when the literacy rate was higher in Massachusetts in the 1700's, before compulsory schooling!

Obama puts inordinate amounts of focus on teachers, as if teachers are the main issue! Yes, I agree, the damage done to children by schools is a responsibility shared by those teachers who are punitive and rigid or even out rightly abusive.

Obama also focuses too strongly on math and science as the fundamental subjects that are the most important, when there are several other learning styles that need to be acknowledged. Howard Gardener's other learning styles need to be acknowledged.

My emotions concerning this topic are fear, indignation, frustration, rye amusement and sadness.

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