Monday, September 13, 2010

World Peace by Ending School

Picture a village. Picture all of the people in the village as sick. To you it seems that they have been poisoned. One day you decide to go with them when they go out to get water. when you arrive, you see a sickly green slime coating the water. The people act as if the slime isn't there and they bend down to fill their jugs. You're astonished! "You aren't going to drink that, are you?!" you ask, shocked. "Drink what?" one of the people reply. They are looking at you with a confused expression that seems to accent their sickness. "That awful green slime!" you exclaim. The villager looks mystified and asks you, "What green slime?"

I compare this story with how our culture tries so very hard to keep us asleep and indifferent to what goes on around us. The stereo-typical day in the life for a child between the ages of 5 and 18 (roughly) consists of waking up very early and going to prison (school) for six hours. While you're there, you are expected to put your full attention on being indoctrinated on some uninteresting subject. (If it could be interesting, than it is made sure that it is not) Several times during the day, a loud, annoying bell rings, dictating that now you have to move to another holding cell (classroom) and focus on another subject. Finally the last bell rings and you are allowed to go home. Does it end there? No. Now it's time to review what the prison (school) indoctrinated you with that day. This could take a while. If you finish in time, then you get to enjoy having your face stuck to a screen, providing you with an escape from life. Maybe your screen connects to some of your friends screens and you can talk about things that don't make you use your head. Another type of screen depicts many series of rapidly changing images. This screen provides hours of mindlessness and lots of incentives to buy things that are said to make your life complete. After all of this wonderfully mindless "screen-time" -and it is wonderful, isn't it, to be allowed to escape life's meaninglessness?- you'll go to bed and fall asleep until tomorrow makes you wake up and repeat yesterday.

Now wouldn't it be interesting if all of the prisoners (students) decided to take control of their lives- for those who are too young, their parents would have to help them- and they all just went out into the community and started following their passions. The kids who want to play music would play music. The kids who want to build would build. All of the kids would realize how fun life really was- then there are too many other good things that would happen to list.

As for the faculty of these schools and their jobs- the government's mistake for instituting the prison (school) in the first place. The government would provide funds for all of the faculty who are now out of a job. This would help all of these people to enjoy life as well and communities would flourish with happy people.

Now that people don't feel so empty as to make useless purchases, it would be necessary to eradicate the use of money. We would go back to bartering. This kind of unity and wholeness in our communities would spread to the entire world, because it would be so joyful. We would all be respectful and loving of one another...

"And the world will live as one..." -John Lennon

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