Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Aspirations for a More Peaceful World

I want to live life to the fullest. I want to grow in spiritual maturity and lend a hand in healing the world. When I am able, I want to be a paternal figure to any child that seeks comfort and guidance. I want to make music that will allow cavalier ears to open to the voices of children. I want to be as loving, kind and selfless as I can be to my family and friends- I include you. I want to practice peace in ways that would make my heroes proud. I want to contribute such goodness and purity to the world, that the Earth would literally glow with love. What do you want?



  1. I want to return to a life without money, a life without war, a life without a class system - a life where we all have our needs fulfilled and live comfortably, working together as a community in LOVE.

  2. Inspring, loving, profound! XXOXOX Words I will now include in my life and a pure presence to live by... Thank you for this.

  3. WoW! Thanks Brycen. You are an inspiration.
    How can I be supportive in your Journey?

    Faye Levow
    Launch Pad Publishing

  4. I want my children to grow up to have your values, hope, inspiration, and love. That's all I want.

  5. Very well spoken. May the dream forever live on.

    God Bless young man.

  6. Wow- Brycen--U r a Visionary happening right now--May God Bless U and may He Bless All of us-let us live in a world of Happiness and abundant Peace-(if theres money involved-I will welcome that as well-cos with money U can help others-hope i dont sound vain)