Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Are Deadened By Our Culture

I'm feeling rather distressed at a certain thought right now... My thoughts are on how our culture so effectively drains the passion out of the entire populace. It starts when you are very young, when they put you in school or some other prison-like institution. When you "graduate" you are now expected to pick a career. Of course, the career "they" want you to pick is one that will keep you in your deadened state. The culture keeps you deadened for the sake of keeping our "leaders" (more or less just capitalist, fascist, dictators...) in control and in power.

Wake up!


  1. not that there's anything inherently WRONG with capitalism...the sort withOUT STATE force and coercion as a backbone anyway.

    I agree with everything else in your post. it's remarkable how different the world looks once you dare to question those 'necessities' determined by the State.

  2. Lyndz,

    I disagree with your statement about Capitalism. I believe that there's something wrong with any system that does not put the needs of its people before the needs of their purse!