Wednesday, September 22, 2010

True World Unity

I have this image in my mind of two people, a man and a woman, from opposite sides of the world, speaking to one another. They are both calm and I can't tell from sight where they are from, just that the man's skin is a rich sun-darkened tone, as if from a desert and the woman's skin appears bleached with the shade of a rain-forest. I see them sitting on a fallen tree trunk that makes a bridge over a gently running brook and the women is describing the brook to the man. Every detail is relayed with arm gestures, sounds, facial expressions, and the man understands every detail about the brook. Now the man can fully understand and appreciate every aspect of the brook.

In "the real world" we do not communicate anywhere near this degree. If we did, think of how much more understanding there would be! If we could- or rather, if we did- communicate with each other this well and we developed an understanding of the beauty all around us, then I don't think we would be so quick to take the world for granted. We would also develop a close kinship with all of the people in the world and we would not war with anyone. It's hard to kill someone who you just described why the sun is beautiful to you. I'm picturing that whenever you spoke to someone, it is a deeply intimate exchange, where you both speak from your innermost soul. You now know each other so deeply and affectionately, that you can wish nothing but peace for the other person. You love this person deeply and they return the same feelings- nothing else matters, except that you had this exchange. Please envision every encounter you have as being like this. How wonderful is the vision!

True world unity!

-Brycen R. R. Couture

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