Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Not Cut Out For Irrelevancies- But Then Again, Who Is?

I’m not cut out for irrelevancies. Anything of an artistic nature is of some interest to me, as opposed to the strict and rigid numbers I find myself working with in order to satisfy the government mind. I know their reasoning as well- these complex, cerebral numbers and equations are fed to me in an attempt to debilitate my heart and soul, to flush out the love and the passion for my expressive endeavors. My refusal to give up my art and succumb to the expectations of the dictatorial system proves to be a problem to the overall cultural machine- not because I alone assert my autonomy to the state, but because I am one of many individuals who see fit to live and grow as their instincts guide them and shirk the system's bindings and chains.

I am speaking about the vast differences between traditional schooling and Unschooling. The rigidness in traditional schools is specifically designed to stifle the natural creativity within children. The state requirements put on homeschoolers and unschoolers is for the same purpose. As an unschooler, I find myself continually frustrated with these state requirements.


  1. Although it is frustrating and I truly agree there is often no point in knowing algebra or any other advanced math unless that is your gift and you are going to go into a mathmatical field, the truth of the matter is there are times in your life that you have to conform and do what is asked. Even if you are self-employeed you have to work for your client to deliver a good, regardless of whether you want to or not. If you get signed by a recording company and they want your studio time to be at 1am and you are normally sleeping then, tough. You have to conform to what they want to get you where you want to be. So, even though I totally agree with you that it stinks to have others put perameters on you, the real world does just that. Sometimes, you just have to do what they want you to do so you can get where you want to be. They aren't asking you to do something unethical or to hurt another or yourself. They're just asking you to take a few hours out of the many hours of your life to show you can follow directions. Stupid, I know...I agree with you..but it is sometimes a necessary evil. (This coming from an artistic spirit who has owned 4 businesses of her own).

  2. The truth of the matter is that I want to follow my passions and not ever conform to a system larger than myself that does not care about my best interests. To set a definition, conformity or conforming as I understand it is molding yourself into a shape that does not gel with who you really are and how you want to be. If you are self employed than I am assuming your chosen profession is meeting a desire or need in you therefore any service you are providing a client should be in complete alignment with what you want to do with your life. There is no conforming necessary. If you're sleeping until one that is not a healthy thing and so I would view that not as conforming but making a healthy life decision based on following your passion and dreams. In direct response to your reference to sleeping until one and that conflicting with recording, if your passion truly is to record something then that should outweigh your immediate desire to sleep late. The idea of conforming is null and void if you are choosing to "conform" to meet some other need of your own. Yes, it IS unethical to force me or any other child to do something that goes against what is actually good for them, what's in their best interests. As soon as the government imposes its will onto the children of our culutre it becomes unethical. As someone who plans to lead his life to the fullest, why do I need to "follow directions"? The whole idea of that is a very dictatorial set up. If what was being offered to me (by state homeschool requirements) was ideas on how to reach consensus and understand another person's point of view while still asserting your own perspective, one, that would be in alignment with my needs and wants and two, that would be much better than "learning how to follow directions". Regarding the system I just laid out, "following directions" becomes null and void as well. In my my example, consensus is better, everyone gets an equal say. The only directions I need to follow are building instructions or learning how to read sheet music and I learned to do that when I was 11.