Saturday, May 28, 2011

Forced Instruction Is Wrong

I personally think that imposed, forced instruction is wrong. When I do things on my own, I do them so naturally almost without thinking. But as soon as I'm given instruction on how I'm "supposed to" do something, I stop being able to do it on my own. When my Mom first took me out driving most of it came so naturally. But as soon as I was in Driver's Ed, my mind had to be focused on all of these little rules... I felt like I lost all of my natural ability. When I was little that's how it was with my art (I was in public school before my Mom adopted me). I was suddenly being told that there is such thing as "wrong" art, there's such thing as a "wrong" way to draw. I lost all of my ability to just draw... It's taken me all this time while unschooling to get my natural ability back, mostly thanks to my Mom who is an artist...

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